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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We will NEVER sell or exchange users' names or e-mail addresses to any other party or organization, without the explicit permission of the user.

We provide a service that is free to end-users. We will NEVER release a user's individually identifiable information.

The New Café's goal is to provide participants with a comfortable online experience. To do that, we gather general information about those who access our sites using industry-standard methods such as browser logs and, possibly, cookies.

Personal Information

We will only collect personal identifying information that users voluntarily provide to us in registering for the New Café.

The New Café will limit internal access to user information to employees responsible for conducting business with our customers.

People should be aware that by voluntarily disclosing personal information in The New Café - or any other site's - forums, those details can be collected and employed by third parties.

This policy applies only to sites under the domain. We do not control the privacy policies of New Café partner sites, those of our advertisers, or any other sites to which we may link.