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It's later than you think


{Nature_and_Environment.114.5}: Jay Hoffman {resist} Thu, 12 Dec 2019 17:04:46 CST (118 lines)

Over thirty years ago I fell in love with the natural world and used
my passing intellectual ability to construct an understanding of the
on-going human relationship with it. What I discovered was that unlike
other species, homo sapiens had no fixed niche. (A niche is a given
energetic space and defined relationship with the rest of life in a
given ecosystem.)

Through its expanding technology and accumulative cleverness the
species increases its ability to amass a greater percentage of the
energy of a given ecosystem. Other species have a marginal ability to
either genetically introduce innovation or sporadically develop
limited tools. But this develops over a period of time in which the
rest of life in ecosystems tends to mutually adapt.

The phrase I used to describe this process was Progressive Technos.
The human species is a tribal animal armed with Progressive Technos.

Why did I find this of the utmost significance?

Because as a tribal animal living in the here and now, the various
tribes and the species as a whole will almost always use its
accumulated understanding and tools (Progressive Technos) in the
interest of expanding its power and influence. In competition with
other tribes, those that do not seize upon power will tend to die off.
(And yes, the tool kit for war making is but one aspect of Progressive

Progressive Technos allows niche invasion which means that more and
more of the energy of life in a given ecosystem is given over to human
expansion. The space for the other forms of life contracts and this
brings forth an exponential increase in human numbers, the modern day
mass extinction crisis, the radical heating of the planet (global
warming) threatening all macroscopic life on Earth, and the depletion
of all so-called natural resources that fuels the on-going expansion.

Progressive Technos means Human Tribal Power and it will be held unto
zealously as a way for tribes to survive in the coming breakdown of
civilization. Thus the race to the natural world's extinction crisis
will be exacerbated by the continuation of the human species armed
with Progressive Technos. This includes the expanding means of nuclear
destruction and poisonous chemical products that humans are unleashing
all over the natural world.

A young human child is brought into existence with the genetic
unconscious physical adaptations primed to enter the world. How is it
that it joins with its tribal members in an almost complete state of
unconsciousness as to the collective arc of annihilation its species
is driving toward?

For a few years I struggled to find a solution to the problem. Can
mankind find a way out of its ultimate destruction?

To understand this I had to look at the evolution of the species and
how it radically expanded its numbers and power through Progressive

Human tribal power is brought forth by both the genetic and the
socially conditioned power that is necessary for the tribe to survive.
When tribes are facing scarcity or engaged in conflict, powerful
emotions arise priming the individual to connect with others to
overcome difficulty. The language and conceptual tools to convey
instructions to others became a critical component of the species
success and a large brain evolved. With this conceptual ability and
primitive tools the human species expanded its numbers and range. From
the previous deep bonding and nomadic connection to the rest of the
natural world, a human-centered world developed. This became almost
entirely focused on farming, the fortress of the city, the tools of
warfare and extracting more resources from the natural world. The deep
bonding that a young child was to undergo was increasingly human
centered and divorced from experiencing the rest of the natural world.
The conceptual focus upon the natural world was that of a larder for
immediate human consumption though the use of social technique and
physical tools (Progressive Technos). The harm done and the
diminishment of the rest of the natural world did not tend to arise in
awareness in the trance of the human success in expanding its numbers
and power over nature.

Bonding represents our connection to existence. Through my inquiry and
growing love and caring about the natural world I had temporarily
bonded to the rest of the natural world. In the process I had
temporarily broken this human-centered trance.

So breaking the Trance appeared to be the key to solving the dilemma.

I then developed the Seven Earth/Self Principles which are ways that
individuals can bond with the health of the natural world, bond with
the particular ecosystem they live inside of, and bond with the
ecological health of planet Earth. The bonding principles represent
the four basic ways of experiencing the mystery of reality – (1 –
body), (2 – feeling-relation), (3 – story-mind) and (4 – spirit).

In a human-centered world the bonding represents power over the
natural world - not in basic harmony with it. But when the individual
had sufficiently bonded as an Earth/Self entity they were ready to
examine and break the harm of the human-centered Trance. Then they
were primarily moved to be creative symbionts to the health of the
natural world they lived inside of.

But power over the natural world is human power for the tribal
species. Because the Earth/Self Principles do not represent human
tribal power, they will never be seized upon except by a handful of

Eventually I became resigned to the inevitable and the last thirty
years have but deepened my understanding of the hellish consequences
of the human savagery on Earth.

In the mean time I discovered that no one was interested in my
understanding (too depressing and not full of hope). So I decided to
shut-up and just to get a job and live within the confines of the on-
going human mess.

As a result, the longer the human realm is destroying the natural
world the more destructive the consequences. The totality of the human
species shows no willingness to abandon its' prime key to success -
Progressive Technos. This suggests that the only hope for the
potential exuberance and resilience of the rest of life on Earth is
the more rapid extinction of the human species.

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