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question [HELP]


{Wheels.19.1}: Ken Ken {probedubai} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 10:32:39 CDT (18 lines)

So I went again 2 put on some rims. Again faced the same problem that
they wouldn't fit.

The rims I had chosen were 100-120 somethin like tht, and I have a
Ford Probe and they're 114 on them.

I was very keen 2 get 'em, so this guy asked me y not do some welding
on the bolts or i dunno where exactly, din quite understand wht he
meant eitha.

How unappropriate would tht be 2 have this weldin done 4 such kinda
rims 2 fit. Imo I don't think it's a gd idea thinking of it, since I
don't have any experience nor understood wht he meant, I need ur
opionions in this matter.

Could some1 kindly help me here, it ain't ez gettin rims here.



{Wheels.19.2}: Jil {rabbit} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 10:56:30 CDT (10 lines)

Welcome, Ken.

I'm not really sure exactly what you're saying, although I think you
mean that your rims are too wide for the vehicle and your friend
wants to make the studs longer. Not a good deal. Get rims
specifically made for the car.

Not all aftermarket rim models are appropriate for every car. You'll
need ones specifically made for your car, and with an offset for


{Wheels.19.3}: Joseph Kang {jsk} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 11:17:42 CDT (4 lines)

I think his problem is that the rims bolt pattern ("offset" i think
it's called) doesn't match his Probe's bolt pattern.  Probably because
the rims weren't specifically sold as compatible with his car.  Not
sure how you'd get around that.


{Wheels.19.4}: Joseph Kang {jsk} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 11:18:35 CDT (1 line)

Or maybe I misunderstood and you're right.  Not entirely sure either.


{Wheels.19.5}: Ken Ken {probedubai} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 11:23:02 CDT (10 lines)

Probe stock wheels are 5 x 114.3 with a 40mm offset

The ones I found were 5 x 100/120 (not quiet sure)

So I dunno wht they plan on doing to make them fit on mine !?

Am I bit clearer now !? (Im a newbie, Im tryin 2 give as much info I
can :P)



{Wheels.19.6}: Michael Cerkowski {michael33} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 17:07:11 CDT (4 lines)

   I think that "offset" is how far the rim sits away from the wheel
once mounted. Nothing involving welding is likely to work. Spacers might.

   There is already a topic for questions like this.


{Wheels.19.7}: Jil {rabbit} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 22:25:17 CDT (24 lines)

Okay, I have info. Ken, the numbers you are describing are the bolt
pattern. The mounting holes are in the wrong place to match the

You can buy adapters but they're not really recommended for front-
wheel-drive cars, because of the strain. There are ways to jury-rig
the car so the wheels will go on, but none of them are recommended.
Safety should be more important than looks.

Are you that stuck on the wheels? Really, you should be looking for
wheels that fit your vehicle properly.

<<   I think that "offset" is how far the rim sits away from the
once mounted.>>

It is. The wrong offset can present a major problem on front-wheel-
drive cars, if you're trying to mount a wheel made for rear-wheel on
the front.

<<   There is already a topic for questions like this.>>

There is, but when someone just joined today and is unfamiliar with
the setup and has a question, I think we can cut some slack.


{Wheels.19.8}: Michael Cerkowski {michael33} Mon, 04 Apr 2005 22:54:07 CDT (8 lines)

   I wasn't trying to sound nasty, just making a quick observation.
Maybe you can paste this thread in the existing topic, and delete this

   The biggest problem with having the wrong offset is having the rim
rub (or even lock to) the brake caliper. A really short spacer set
might be ok if the car isn't being raced, but I'd avoid anything that
moves the rim out beyond a few mm.


{Wheels.19.9}: Ken {probedubai} Tue, 05 Apr 2005 01:14:09 CDT (10 lines)

Thanks a lot for info guys. I wasn't so desperate to them(kinda
was :P) the problem is that it happened twice that rims I finally
chose don't match.

<<   I think that "offset" is how far the rim sits away from the
wheel once mounted.>>

Can some1 explain this 2 me, pics would be better.

Thanx again 4 the effort n time.


{Wheels.19.10}: Michael Cerkowski {michael33} Tue, 05 Apr 2005 04:58:11 CDT (11 lines)

   I couldn't find a photo (just a lot of spam, popups and cookies),
but i'll try: picture the rim mounted on the hub, which is either part
of the brake rotor or is what the rotor mounts on. (The hub is where
the wheel mounting studs are located.) Now picture the *back* of the
rim, where it is held in place against the hub by the lugnuts. Now
picture the brake calipers sitting on top of the hub/rotor, with the
inside of the rim jammed right up against them, and possibly even
being bent outwards by the bulge of the calipers, instead of not being
a little ways out. That's not enough offset. The wheel won't turn, and
it may not even bolt on all the way. Or it may turn under no load, but
rub against the calipers when cornering.


{Wheels.19.11}: Jack Van Gossen {lowjack} Wed, 06 Apr 2005 19:46:18 CDT (12 lines)

Specific definition of offset is the difference of the hub mounting
surface from the centerline of the rim. Positive offset rims are most
common on newer vehicles, and pretty much the norm for FWD. IOW - on a
7" wide rim, a vehicle with 2" positive would have 5.5" backspacing.
Backspacing can also cause problems. Too much and your tire will rub
the inside of the wheelwell, suspension components, brake lines, etc.
Too little, and you rub the inside of the fender, or stick out of the
fenderwell all together.

To put it simply, Jil's approach is best. Find rims that are designed
to fit your vehicle. It's way to risky to be messing around with this
kind of thing (unless you've got connections to somebody like Chip Foose).


{Wheels.19.12}: Michael Cerkowski {michael33} Wed, 06 Apr 2005 22:31:49 CDT (3 lines)

   I think the talk about wleding was to have the rims taken apart and
then re-welded in the right configuration, with new centers. I
wouldn't bother.


{Wheels.19.13}: Ken Ken {probedubai} Wed, 06 Apr 2005 23:43:10 CDT (13 lines)

The talk wasn't about the rims being welded, it's about about the hub
I guess (something 2 do with the car)

Anyways I just needed to have some info about what he meant, ans
somemore knowledge about cars.

As I said, I won't do something that would affect my car, that's why
I asked. Usually newbies would tell them in this kinda case 'go

I'll start hunting for new ones again... :P

Thanx a lot guys 4 the help, appreciated it.


{Wheels.19.14}: Jil {rabbit} Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:21:11 CDT (5 lines)

My guess -- because, unfortunately, I've seen it done -- is they
remove the wheel studs and weld new ones to the proper bolt pattern.
Bad idea.

What are you going for, Ken? Bigger wheels, or just fancier ones?


{Wheels.19.15}: heads up, hosts! {elakin} Fri, 04 Feb 2011 12:30:24 CST (26 lines)

i'm posting this in multiple forums in an attempt to make the many
forum hosts aware of what's going on at the cafe management/board level.

board secretary carlos {salsero} has involved himself in a
forum-specific matter being heard by the PR WG, and is threatening to
take board action to overturn a longstanding forum-specific ban on a
participant and to de-host one (or more?) of the forum's hosts.

this is a significant development since, up until now, hosts have been
given much latitude to run their forums the way they believe is in the
best interests of the forum and its participants.  grievances were
once heard by the ombudsman or PR WG, but now it appears that carlos
is changing that protocol in favor of direct board involvement and

given this new development in cafe protocol and what appears to be
complete abandonment of the "federated model" that carlos promised to
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that they will apparently be subject to the board's approval of any
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on the whim or caprice of carlos.

those who wish to learn more about this can read the entire thread at


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