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Activist Mom vs. Development Corp (needs support)


{Nature_and_Environment.18.1}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Tue, 06 Apr 2004 08:11:59 CDT (46 lines)

I am forwarding these emials to get support for this brave mom.


>>This is Jennifer White and I need your help.  There is an urgent
situation in my neighborhood, Harpers Landing in The Woodlands (TX).
Entergy is in the process of constructing Overhead High voltage
(130KV) power lines less than 200 feet from the property lines of
many residents.  The public untilities commision (PUC) has stated
that it is of risk and danger for people to live withn 200 feet of
high voltage power lines.  We were the Very last to know about these
lines in our neighborhood.  The PUC approved these lines in 2001 when
there were only 2 homes within 200 feet.  Now there are 45 with more
planned in the near future. There are possible health concerns for
the unborn babies, children and residents living near these lines.
There are even possible concerns for being within the magnetic field
of these lines which is 400 feet from the lines.  Not to mention the
numerous times many busy families will be driving beneath these
lines.  40 feet of wooded area were removed for this project alog the
railway. Now we can hear I-45 in our house and FEEL the vibration
from the passing trains.

What you can do to help:
You can voice your concern on this matter to these following
entities.  We are asking that the lines be moved elsewhere or that
they be burried.  We are asking for reforesteration of the 40 feet of
Piney woods that were removed from Harpers Landing for this project.

Public Utilites Commision 800-782-8477 - Stephen Journeay x 67215,

Entergy - Terry Allemond 800-264-2535 page 1890

I know it is last minute notice but we have a court hearing in Conroe
at 1 pm on Monday.  We are trying to get as much support as we can at
the court house (Hwy 105 & Main.)  We are giong to try to fill the
courtroom to show the judge that there are a lot of concerned people
that are educated about the enormous health risks of living so close
to these lines.  If you are able to make it that would be wonderful.

If you would like more information on this matter we have created a
yahoogroup,  There is a lot more
information posted on the site including more history on these power
lines, numerous research studies and links to health risks.

Thank you,
Jen, Brent and Rachel <<<


{Nature_and_Environment.18.2}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Tue, 06 Apr 2004 08:13:42 CDT (34 lines)


>>>Well, we went to court today.  The Judge has ordered the
restaining order to be inforced for another 24 hours and has asked to
hear more tomorrow.  This is very encouraging.  We still need people
to show up at the court house again if you can make it. It is at 1pm
at the Conroe Court House, 301 N. Main.  I saw a couple of PWA
members there but I didn't get a chance to say hi and Thanks for your
support! We had the main court room packed and another was standing
room only where we watched via video confrencing the procedings as
they happened.  Hope to see a few of you tomorrow as well.

Joel Deretchin the President of The Woodlands Association and Vice
President of The Woodlands Operating Company was called to the stand
this afternoon.  He confimed what we had suspected.  The Woodlands
sold out the people of Harpers Landing before we were there.   They
sold the easment to Entergy knowing that houses would be built within
200 feet of the lines.  He was dancing around the questions while
trying to place the blame on the builders, saying that they were
supposed to disclose the power lines to us. We never received a map
or anything else indicating over head power lines were to be put up
in the neighborhood.  So the battle continues.  We are encouraged
that the judge wants to hear more.  Entergy has witnesses to call
tomorrow, one being a health expert so it should be pretty
interesting.  Every time someone from our side mentioned possible
health risks, Entergy jumped up and emphasized that its all
speculation and we don’t have any proof.  We don't have the funds or
the time to gather our own experts in that field at this time.  I
hope the judge will see that.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!  And again…we could
really use your support in the courtroom tomorrow!

Jen, Brent and Rachel <<<


{Nature_and_Environment.18.3}: Kai Hagen {kai} Tue, 06 Apr 2004 21:03:40 CDT (HTML)

Hello, Dave.

I'm guessing that needed to be


{Nature_and_Environment.18.4}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Thu, 08 Apr 2004 07:59:14 CDT (25 lines)

Thanks Kai. That was an error in the original email.

Here's the latest...

>>>We have great news!  Yesterday the judge granted a temporary
injunction.  This means that Entergy can not  work on the power lines
outside Harpers Landing until we go to trial in May.  The judge felt
that the case needed to be heard by a jury.  We are very encouraged
by this.    We still have a rough road ahead of us.  We need to hire
experts to talk about the health risks and other issues.  I may be
notifying you of fund raisers in the future to help cover these

I know the Conroe Courier has been following the story.  We had
volunteers from our neighborhood that were supposed to be contacting
the media.  I think it would be fine if you wanted to reinforce the
story to the other news outlets.

I think the encouragements would be best posted to the Harpers Landing
Yahoo group,, that
way the entire neighborhood could feel the encouragement.  My personal
email address is

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.
Jennifer White <<<


{Nature_and_Environment.18.5}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Thu, 08 Apr 2004 15:19:18 CDT (11 lines)

From the yahoo group

>>>I am just jumping in and wondering how much is needed to be
raised? I am dropping hints in other chat rooms about bringing in
support from the outside. If this is welcome I will do more. I do not
live in Harpers Landing but am very supportive of local families
confronting huge development corporations.

The bond was set at $20,000. Some residents are working on a
fundraising dinner that will include a raffle, silent auction and
music. Any outside help will be greatly appreciated!<<<


{Nature_and_Environment.18.6}: good luck {coyote13} Sun, 11 Apr 2004 00:41:53 CDT (9 lines)

Get Erin Brockovich on the case!

in uk something called a 'search' is done where the local authority
provides information on any permissions or developments which might
affect a site. The law says 'buyer beware', so there is always
a 'search' carried out, but it looks as though there may have been
serious concealment. In uk power lines require permission, not just
from the owner of the land but from the local govt. I think you call
it 'zoning'. Utilities get away with 'murder', even in the uk.


{Nature_and_Environment.18.7}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Mon, 12 Apr 2004 08:53:50 CDT (7 lines)

Sometimes it seems impossible for property "owners" to protect
themselves. The rules are set by these big corps to protect their own
interests. I suppose this has always been the case but it's nice when
someone gets a leg up.

Do you know Brokovich's number? No kidding! Why not? They pull in the
big dogs. Why shouldn't we?


{Nature_and_Environment.18.8}: Dave Waxler {dkwaxler} Tue, 13 Apr 2004 08:36:05 CDT (28 lines)

From: Tommy Hastings
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 2:03 PM
Subject: [harperslanding77385] Incredible Update

I am putting the finishing touches on an agreement that will get us
the funds for this fight (excluding the bond)

My firm has agreed to pick up the expenses for the experts and
litigation (not the bond) if a sufficient number of people in the
proximity of the railroad tracks hires our firm on a contingency basis
for the nuisance damages.

I will have another update this afternoon.

Folks, this is very very good news.  Now get out there and get that
bond money!!!!

Tommy R. Hastings
The Mallia Law Firm P.C.
One Riverway
Suite 610
Houston, Texas 77056
(713) 224-1100-Phone
(713) 222-7086-Fax


{Nature_and_Environment.18.9}: we are killing ourselves {coyote13} Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:57:44 CDT (5 lines)

try here

there is a phone number


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